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Piehash is a white label solution live virtual class platform that has become an astounding medium of connecting the tutors, institutions, faculty, and students with each other. Piehash is designed with modern technology that makes it a very robust learning platform where teachers and students can interact without any technical glitch or hindrance. Piehash is reaching the new heights day to day that proves how brilliantly it executes and manages the classes. The portal features the intelligent characteristics that enable numerous convenience to make the learning sessions and classes more effective. Piehash has taken care of every single feature that a virtual or online class may require.

Piehash is developed smartly with phenomenal features like attendance management, students’ reports, data records, classroom management, sound interaction between parents and faculties, and much more.  Though Piehash contains salient features; we can assure you that it is 100% secure to use, and also controls the privacy effectively. Furthermore, it is a user-friendly virtual or online class portal that offers more features but has zero complications when it comes to accessibility. Its appropriate compositions make Piehash a fully functional yet elementary portal that anyone can use easily. Also, it keeps the most accurate data record that makes it more reliable and authentic.

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