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TechPally Tips for Students to be Better Motivated to Learn

If you set your goal in writing to "write term paper", it probably won't help you much, because you probably won't write something like that in a single day.

TechPally Tips for Students to be Better Motivated to Learn

Many people find it difficult to self motivate themselves to learn, especially students.

Several studies have shown that Intrinsic motivation lasts long, compared to extrinsic motivation.

As a student, you should accept the facts about learning – it’s not going to be like a bed of roses.

You should be familiar with the situation: The next exam is approaching and you should start learning slowly! But other things are just a lot more fun. 

It is much more preferable to meet friends or pursue your favorite hobbies.

Before you know it, you only have a few days until the exam and you are hopelessly overwhelmed. 

How to Learn Efficiently

Finding the efficient motivation to learn is not that easy, says Techpally boss.

That’s why we seemed the opinion of experts on how you can motivate yourself to learn efficiently.

  • Set your Goals

If your goals only exist in your head then it’s a lot easier to forget them and do something else.

So the trick is to write down your goals! This way you will be regularly reminded of what you have to do and you can skilfully cross out completed goals.

  • Break Down your Goals into sub-goals

Let’s say you have to hand in a term paper of seven pages in two weeks. 

If you set your goal in writing to “write term paper”, it probably won’t help you much, because you probably won’t write something like that in a single day. 

That is why it makes sense to consider sub-goals. For example, you could subdivide the major goal of “writing seminar paper” into “research”, “first draft first half”, “first draft second half” and “proofreading”. This makes the “seminar paper” project clearer.

  • Set Fake Deadlines

Many students know that nothing works without pressure! But waiting for the real pressure only brings a lot of stress. 

That is why it sometimes makes sense to setup artificial pressure, which, however, remains without serious consequences. 

For example, you could set deadlines for your sub-goals. 

So you could plan to research on Monday and Tuesday, Techpally advised.

You want to have the first draft ready by the end of the week and the seminar paper should be proofread and handed in by the Wednesday of the following week. 

So you always know what has to be ready by the time. 

It is particularly useful to write down these goals in the form of daily goals and remove them when they are achieved. 

Thiis way, you also have a good overview of your progress.

  • Take Regular Breaks

The breaks are just as important as learning, as educators have known for a long time! 

Because your brain needs time to process what it has learned.

This is the only way to concentrate effectively over a longer period, Techpally advised.

It is therefore recommended to take a 10-minute break every 50 minutes and take a longer break after three hours. 

Maybe it will be easier for you to learn when you know that it won’t be long before the next break.

  • Avoid Making Excuses

Once they get serious about studying, dozens of excuses come to mind for many students. 

It is best to get rid these beforehand. 

For example, you can place your learning documents on your desk the day before and clearly show your goals for the day.


Learning is not like play, therefore, take the pain and focus on your goal. 

As a student, your focus should be on your reward, which will be the excellent performance, higher class and the professional certificate you get after leaving the school.

You should also think about the respect of your ambitious profession while in school, same as your wages when you start working.

October 13, 2020

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