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About Us

"Piehash" is a buoyant digital marketing agency based in Mohali, Punjab. Along with providing the best digital marketing services worldwide, we are providing digital marketing training to fresh talents, students, business persons, professionals, etc., to escalate their skills to the new levels. We have our focus on helping individuals and businesses so that they can grow and reach better.

Web Development Training:

Piehash is introducing the complete web development course that consists of the latest technologies. We at Piehash are focused on providing our students with the best possible learning content so that they can become the best web developers. We believe in quality education, and always make efforts to develop the absolute world-class web development training. Being a reputed institution, we are responsible for catering the most valued services in the education sector to build an enormous streak of trust among enthusiastic learners. Therefore, we at Piehash bring the best out of the best to maintain our legacy, prestige, and goodwill.

Piehash has a team of professional web developers who are geeks in their own area of expertise. These prolific trainers are thoroughly determined to provide the best web development training to the enrolled trainees of Piehash.

Our Training Program:

We run an extensive web development learning program that moulds our pupils into professionals. Our web development course training includes several programs are mentioned below:

  • PHP
  • PHP is a server-side general-purpose scripted language specially designed for robust web development. Here, we provide a complete PHP training course to our enrolled pupils with the intent of making them a proficient PHP developer. You can learn from the basics to majors in our designed course with complete practical and theoretical knowledge.

  • HTML 5
  • HTML 5 is one of the most popular programming languages, HTML 5 is the fifth version of Hypertext Markup language that avails developers to code robustly while developing a web page. We at Piehash are teaching our trainees HTML 5 in an absolutely professional manner that helps trainees to grasp the knowledge easily.

  • CSS 3
  • CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheet language. CSS3 is Cascading style sheets' latest evolution. It is a programming language that is used in developing and presenting a documented web page or web form. We tend to make you learn this language and to work on like professionals.

  • Javascript
  • Javascript, a high-level programming language that is commonly known as JS it helps in adding the interactive elements and dynamics to the websites with advancement. Get the most sorted and best Javascript training with Piehash and become a knowledgable JS developer.

  • JQuery
  • JQuery is a library of Javascript, and it has been said that it is the most popular library in its kind. To learn this advance form of technology, join Piehash without a second doubt because we have expert trainers who tend to make our trainees geek in their area of interest.

  • Bootstrap 4
  • Bootstrap is the world's most popular framework, that is reliable to make the most responsive mobile sites/application. Learn the advance version Bootsrap 4 of this agile framework and get better career opportunities in future. Choose Piehas to get the best Bootstrap 4 training.

  • My SQL
  • My SQL is the most popular open-source relational database management system of the world that allows people to record their data in a systematic form that helps professional to keep a set of information from the oldest to the latest data. Learn how to work on My SQL by joining the team of professionals of Piehash.

  • WordPress
  • WordPress is a very popular content management system that is open-source and free. Also, it allows developing the sites, web apps, and managing the informational content with absolute ease. Professionals opt for WordPress for a better user and admin experience. Learn how to work on this famous content management system to widen the scope of your career by joining Piehash's WordPress training program.

    Choose all or any of the web development training programs that interest you the most to learn the best from the experts and be a professional developer. Piehash is welcoming all the enthusiastic individuals who are willing to learn the latest technology, who dream bigger and better about their career. We, the team of expert developers, are here to teach you the best at Piehash.

  • Wise Words:
  • Wise people always choose the best of the bests. You can also be wiser by joining Piehash, the best IT training institute and make your career boost to the new pinnacles and reach the peaks of success. Join us for adding a plus to your technical skills and open the doors to numerous career opportunities.

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Our Training Program’s Motive:

Our training program helps in enhancing the various elements of personality in our candidate’s persona. Our HR training program helps our trainees to gain an extent level’s confidence to grab the best possible opportunities. We believe any talent is incomplete without adequate morale, a well-developed person, and a great set of soft skills. We at Piehash offer the best out of the bests that improve one’s persona to a new extent. We truly appreciate those who are willing to adopt an incredible change in their personality for betterment. Therefore, our team of tremendous trainers executes our exclusively designed HR training course in Mohali for those who are enthusiastic about their own development.